Reserve Pro is a subsidiary of Professional Building Inspections, Inc. (PBI). The family owned company was started in 1991 to provide pre-purchase home inspections and building code compliance services to urban and rural municipalities. Over the years, PBI grew to provide additional services, such as government facilities management, national fire code inspections and commercial property condition assessments. PBI is now the largest independent building inspection company in Saskatchewan.

In 2005, PBI chose to take a lead role in providing comprehensive Reserve Fund Studies for Condominium and Home Owner Associations/Corporations.  Dave Kindred has been leading this division since its inception and has gained a wealth of experience over the years!

about us

dave kindred

Dave comes from a family of Engineers and Building Officials. At a very young age, Dave was involved in residential and commercial construction, from building family homes and cottages to a large commercial building for a previous family business. Dave has over 30 years experience with building projects of every type!

In 2005, Dave joined Professional Building Inspections, Inc. as a Reserve Fund Analyst with their new division, Reserve Pro. Since then, Dave has provided Reserve Fund Studies to over 90 condominium groups, property managers and developers. Dave also obtained his Class 1 Building Officials Licence in 2013 and is a member of the Saskatchewan Building Officials Association (SBOA). 

Dave would be happy to discuss your Reserve Fund requirements and answer any questions you may have. 

Condominium Reserve Fund Studies